Saturday, September 15, 2012

Brooklyn Ice-Cream factory.... You will love it

Brooklyn Ice-Cream Factory, this place has been permanently imprinted in my memory, and will be tagged as the ‘The Best Place for Ice-Cream’ and it is for real, once you have it Ben-N-Jerry has not chance.

Few weeks ago, I was watching my favorite show ‘Best Things I ever Ate…’ in Food Network. Today episode was on Ice-Cream, that when this particular chef (I do not recall) mentioned about this favorite place for Ice-Creams is Brooklyn Ice-Cream Factory.

Few weeks later while we were walking over Brooklyn Bridge, we can catch a glimpse of this place, so we walked to this place.

First sight of this place made me really indeed this place is really famous for its ice-cream, as more then 30 people were in line baking under sun for their ice-cream, after 15 minutes of wait we were in, only to realize that a place need not have to be famous by its ambience and wow factor. This place just had two small tables with 6-8 chairs and for ambience they had some old picture of Brooklyn, that all and walls of refrigerator unit stacked with buckets of ice-cream. 

In that particular episode the chef had ‘Butter Pecan’, so I had to have that… walked outside sat on a chair on boardwalk, and next 10 minutes I had no idea what was happing around me, I was not even distracted by mighty skyscraper Manhattan Downtown view with the new World Trade Center in front across river on left you can catch glimpse of Statue of Liberty on right photogenic Brooklyn Bridge, those ten minutes all I was just focused on my ice-cream.

It’s the best Ice-Cream I ever had in my life, only regrets why I have not been earlier this this place, never the less, I enjoyed until the last tiny bit of my Butter Pecan Ice-Cream.

One really need to taste to enjoy this ice-cream, words wont justify the smooth rich creamy flavor of it, this ice-cream is one such sin even a calorie conscious people can have it.

So next time if you happen to be around Downtown Manhattan walk across the Brooklyn Bridge and enjoy ‘Butter Pecan’ at Brooklyn Ice-Cream Factory.

Brooklyn Ice-Cream Factory (in backdrop Brooklyn Bridge)

Butter Pecan Ice-Cream

Downtown Manhattan ... WTC still in construction...

Statue of Liberty

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