Sunday, July 15, 2012

Ironman triathlon: Story of determination....

An usual lazy Sunday, woke up early 10:00am compared against Saturday time….surfing channel, I have a hard time sticking on to a channel, at time it bad and good, why good that when you end up an a channel on which you generally would not have ended at correct time when it mattered.

It was a 30 minute program on Ironman… Not that the one in which Robery Downey Jr suits up and fly across….

Ironman triathlon held annually in Hawaii, in the month of October, it is by far considered to the most grueling and testing limits of human endurance and the will to succeed and achieve. The race is divided in 3 stages 2.4-mile (3.86 km) swim, a 112-mile (180.25 km) bike and a marathon 26.2-mile (42.2 km) run, raced in that order and without a break it starts at 7:00am and with official close out time is mid-night.

Winning Ironman triathlon is not about fame, money and glory that follow, I felt winning over your perseverance  and desire to complete is far more important, in Ironman it’s not about finishing first or being on the podium, it all about are to able to cross the finish line.

Lew Hollanders, is one of the competitor, what is special, at the age of 81 we was focused and determined to complete, couple of miles before he finish line he fell dehydrated and bruised his knee and elbows, people asked him do you want to quit, he smiled and said ‘why quit’ and managed to stand once again under a mile to finish line he had a big fall on road barricade… once again he had a nice smile… Lew finished 14minutes before the official cutoff.

Rajesh Durbal, he finished his race in 13hr 49+ minute well over 5+hr over the first winner, what’s special Rajesh was born with congenital deformity in his legs and right arm, Rajesh had his both legs amputated at age 1 and partially his right arm. This is what makes Rajesh a special, is assume that’s his strength.

Harriet Anderson , was titled the oldest female ever to cross the finish line just at age 79, impressive isn’t.

Gayla Chambers, proved if you have determination age is not barrier to learn, she learnt how to swim only at age 58, not an early start to learn, and how about aiming to swim the 2.4 miles stretch and going ahead and completing 2011 Ironman Kona triathlon at age 71. So next time dare we ever say I am too old to learn any new tricks.

Nancy Summer is another name, is not listed in person who finished the race as she was 4 seconds late before the official midnight cutoff.

Matt Michelson, 40 year old entrepreneur and founder of a social media firm, had a bet of $1`million with rapper 50cents, money would pass on to charity to feed hunger, good that Matt finishes the race for a cause.

Many more stories were associated, all making a point it’s a race against yourself, do you have it in you and have the urge to finish.

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