Sunday, November 11, 2012

Bond.... James Bond....

James Bond:

It is been 50 years since the first spy came to life and since then it has been a amazing journey from Dr No to the recent one…. Skyfall….

Over the years, based on the actor who portrays the famous Spy we know 007…. Bond…. James Bond. The franchise had made sure to have a unique identity for each Bond we had from Sean Connery until recent Daniel Craig,

Before Daniel Craig has become 007, Pierce Brosnon, made all guy envy how he can have all three G’s…. Girls Guns and Gadgets and not to mention a wow Car, and with all those marvelous gadgets Bond made it look so easy how a spy solve a case.

And the first time I heard this time Daniel Craig is to wear the tuxedo and have Vodka Martini…. Shaken but not stirred, I felt is he going to have the same charismatic flow how his predecessors lived the spy life…. But no he was to start a new chapter in the way we had seen 007.

First time when I had seen the movie I did not like it, as I was looking more to the 3 G’s….. However on the second attempt when I just looked as the way they wanted to cast a new 007 agent who is not following his predecessors.

Once again I started liking 007 profile, yesterday I happen to watch the new installment offered Skyfall , and I liked the way they presented 007 who had to fight against all odd and secure MI-6.

Guess what would have been if we never had 007 the Spy, would the love we have for Aston Martin be some different….

As we all know who the Spy is we would follow him, so the wait has already started what the next Bond movie is gonna be all about.

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