Friday, February 11, 2011

We are foodies…

As I mentioned in my last blog ‘Dinner Tonight’… where I was emphasizing on how complex and tough at time it becomes when the decision has to be made ‘What’s cooking for Dinner’ as usual today also it was not any different.

But today it happened to be bit easy… as we had some rice prepared… not sufficient for two of us that lead to an easy and simple decision of preparing Chinese and India snacks as we prepared ‘Fried-Rice’ and ‘Pakodas’

Need i that it was yummy….

While we both were preparing for dinner, she commented… ‘It is good that we both are foodies, else it would have been tough if any one of us was not that inclined in all preparing process’
And guess what I myself feel the same…

Ahhh… we didn’t had any Wine to toast for tonight’s dinner… nevertheless the dinner was amazing and we enjoyed it over a nice ‘Desi Romantic movie – I Hate Love Story

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