Sunday, August 1, 2010

Pictures: On the Go....

I have taken thousands of pictures with my Phone, but never got a chance to share them, and I always wanted to share it, as some picture speaks themselves

Long way to go: This was taken in jersey Garden Mall, I did not see anyone walking down and did not dare to see where it leads to

Share the Road: This is in Pune City, drove well ahead and by the time I was ready (had to get rid of driving accessories before I could take a snap), the cart had crossed me that’s when I took the first shot, I had to chase him back to taken the second one.

Time to book a Trade: It fascinating to see how electronic trades has changed trading world, if you see it only took 11 seconds to book 5.7million trades, long gone those days when we saw picture of traders screaming their vocal chords

Do End meets: I love to see this view this is on 49th Street between 6th – 7th avenue, the ends definitely meets well above clouds.

The picture I capture are not something special, but the moment it is capture tell a lot about it, so I will keep posting in this space


Anonymous said...

Hey nice clicked pics, plus nice description :)
Keep posting

Anish said...

Thanks a lot bud, will keep on adding some more as and when i get some....

Have a nice day