Wednesday, April 28, 2010


If any one counter to this words "Friend" it instantaneously run down in your mind a list of people who one count as friend, the one with whom you have grown / cherished / laughed crazily over time.

Friends play a key role in every ones life, they are the best source of building a persons characteristics. Many would have said, the way one today is all because of the better schooling my parents provided, the best tuition class that i enrolled, the best support I received from my college mentor and so on, i am not denying any of this, as all this people who we credit a lot are those who can understand and make your mind work in a certain way. But I would say that it’s your friends who can communication in a language that is only read by your heart.

And unless the proper combination between heart and mind is not their one will not achieve all what one aims over time.

We make friends in school, in your play area ground (specially for guys cricket is one of the bigger friend circle group), but as time passes by we tend to let loose the lightly tied knot with your friend and end you going up in separate path, but i can bet its just a matter of time to connect back with your old lost friends.

Its somewhat similar to like this, a kid will be learning more vocabulary in first 5 years of his life then compared to rest of life.

In the same way, i assume the number of friend we make during our teenage years and early adult hood would be more then the friend one will make over his life. Have you thought the reason why that be? hmmm something to think...

I assume as we grow older and get preoccupied in once professional life, personal meeting with friend is replaced with emails or rather phone talk.

I am fortunate to have 4 friends whom i can count more like my shadows, visible for other on a bright sunny day, but on a gloomy overcast day I now they are just around me, they or we need not prove some thing to other...

Back in our college days, we used to meet up every day (please who goes to college every day... its only to meet this bunch of friends u end up going to college), after 3 years in college 3 of us started working, other 2 took further higher studies, this did not reduce our meeting.
Every weekend we 5 used to go for long walk, and walk across all over Pradhikaran.

And its really sad that in last 4 years we 5 have never met together, we all might have planned many times, but either I am missing or some one else missing.

But we still manage to get hold of all in telephonic conference all once in a while.

And its truly said how can one be friends with out fighting, but its a different fun and time al together, and once again we all are planning big to meet all together some time in Nov.... i am just counting that we all make that up.

I am more fortunate, as many would say we have office best friends, most of the time you loose them as you change your path, but once in a while you end up meeting some special person, who will end up being your friend forever.

So it is better to say "Friends are for ever"

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