Saturday, April 17, 2010


Who ever invested this concept of WFH, has to be a greatest person of all time, I say should be awarded with Nobel Prize, but guess what would have happened, "The same day the person would have planned 'WFH'"

I assume it would have been a case that this person would have exhausted all his paid leaves, and just to avail an extra benefit stay at home work those the errands he has to manage and still claims himself to be online through the day.

It IT world it would be rare to find a person who has not used or rather leisured "WFH" (Work From Hone).
When most people sends an email with subject line "WFH " would try to justify by mentioning the un-avoidable situation or circumstance due to which the person is forced to stay back un-willingly...
Most common reason people state:
- Have some errands to be taken care
- Doctors Appointment
- Waiting for a package to be delivered ... FedEx.

I always love to read this email and each time i am waiting to see some nice unique comments.

I have been planning to do one such WFH from past some time, but I was not able to find some genuine reason to do so.

My apartment is one such few places were we did not have TV, finally after many searches we got one quite a nice TV (this person wanted to buy a new one, so we got in a great deal)

We kept this TV unconnected for nearing a week and i planned to get the Cable setup on Friday in that way even i would be forced to stay back home for getting the Cable connection hooked up :-0

With the mindset of not going to office on a Friday itself lightened Thursday, so i woke up late at 8:00am, and was actually working for couple of hours then i felt real Hungry, and with great ease I prepared breakfast and i really enjoyed it....

This is why at times I love to send email with subject line "Anish - WFH"

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