Monday, March 29, 2010

My another Driving test attempt....

I have written a separate post that narrate my last 5 attempts of getting a driver learners license ==> I Flunked

Saturday was the day when I attempt again with a positive view that u would be clearing the exam...
Preparation started couple of days before hand... I scanned through the driver test manual noted down many points
- Safety rules
- Penalty rules
- sign board rules
- And blah blah & ahhhh hmmm

Friday night: we all have friends have met after a month, at TGIF over beer & pool game, we all had a nice time, chit chatting, playing many games of pool, not to mention I had a giant cup of ice cream. I finally crashed home at 2:30 still determined to clear exam next day morning.
I gave couple of practice test and scored 46/50 & 47/50. I was happy with teat and slept over.

Morning at 8:00 I was up again and trust me the first thing I was doing was scanning the book, gave another test scored 47/50 quote consistent. Called up a close buddy of mine and confirmed the time.
10:10 my roomy and me were standing in the line that was way out on the pavement, filled up the form.

Then a sweet lady from the driving office came and announced the wait time is 1:45min and we close at 12;00 that was all a sinking attempt came to my mind, I told to my come on this is not happening again to me.
So finally, I managed to get in the building at 11:25… I said Ahhh I have another 35min

Musical chair game: It reminded me of my childhood day at most events for small kids we had the game played this was something similar Sit in a line, and jump to next seat as it goes, this was for 1t review of the document once done.

Sit in line 2, hop on to next seat as line progresses for second review of the sane document once done.
Grab a seat in line 3, again the music started hop to next seat as line progresses for third and final review and pay a fees for the test.

Moment of truth: o was at this counter and Maggie (not real name) was a pretty lady... with a sweet smile she verified my document and told dear, we are late I can give u the permit but u would have to come back again to give the test....

I bet i have some more time before i take on a ride like "Donald Duck" took "Daisy Duck"

This as it, attempt no 6, me will have to gather my self again and plan for one more time.... On the liter note, I should ask, “Am I impatient”.


Anup said...

hahahahaha.......funny story bhai....hope u get ur learners next time.
and look at me I got my learners the first time and in less than a hour ;)

Anish said...

has le beta.... woh din bhi ayega when i will get the learning license :-0
Then i will laugh at the system