Monday, March 1, 2010

Holi…. (contd….)

So yesterday I was just writing and writing that I am missing holi, this and that….But as some say “Aal izz well”

My office colleague were still holding up at my place, so planned to prepare pizza for lunch…. And as all were ready I just got Gullal (Red color) and we all started throwing color on each other… it was fun, in next 5 min all were in same color….

So we had Pizza…. As many know that Bhang is a famous drink which is prepared during Holi, as we could not manage to prepare that, we ended up sipping “beer”…

Once all the celebration were over, we would have wished each other 10 time “Happy Holi”…. And then the big question, Holi was good now who will clean, and we had messed half of our house, then what we four of us for next 45 minutes were busily cleaning… this is total injustice…as Gabbar says in Sholay, “Yeah bahot na insafi hai”

But over all it was fun, now we do not have the feeling that we were not able to play Holi this year around, be its small or say its lasted for only ten minutes, but the most important feeling is the celebration we had in our own way….

Happy Holi….

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