Tuesday, February 9, 2010

From 67 to 193

You might be wondering that is the tag line or what does it mean.
Well actually that my heart rate recorded while i was using thread-mill, i myself was shocked to see 194 flashing as heart rate, i questened myself, it is fine to see that higher number. Good that i am not that week hearted to faint on that view :-0
Till 4 months back i have never stepped in a GYM, that many would say hmmm that’s bad one should do some sort of exercise... In fact i myself do not have a reason or explanation why i never joined a GYM.
So finally when i had joined, i remember the first day, the person who help me enrolled gave a small walk through mentioning me what all facilities they do have in GYM, after that i decide its still not good to start on that day itself i will come by tomorrow to start exercising. So next day i went,, and i have always heard from people around me that they run for this long and amount of calorie they burn all those stories. On which i used to say a small double chocolate cookie at Starbucks has 400 calories in it, and the reply i used to get i takes roughly 40 mins running on Treadmill to lose that much, and I used to pass a smile on them.

Just to be more serious in GYM i undertook few session, Session 1: My trainer, wanted to check how much i can run, under 300meters i was exhausted and my heart rate was touching 170+. He told "Its not a nice news my friends" and as usual i just laughed, he told common i am serious you are not to laugh this isn’t funny, i replied him, i laugh on every situation.
So over the time, i am able to cover a nice distance on treadmill running, yesterday i did cardio for 15 min, starting speed 6miles and gradually increased that to 9miles, covered close to 1.6miles and did see the magical number "Rate at which my heart was beating --- 194"


Anup said...

finally somebody is learning to stay fit.....Keep it going bhai

Anish said...

Are what to sya brother.... but lately i am not able to be that regular.... i am only able to manage 3-4 times in a week :(