Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Cricket.... argument... Sachin....

Today Sachin became the first cricketer to score double century in forty years of limited over cricket match (earlier it used to be 60 over).

I was not aware of the match also, mostly i sleep with laptop by my head, and today morning the alarm had run coupe of time i was still lazy to get up.... just then my long time friend pinged me on gTalk.. asking me "why the hell i am sleeping this late" (it was 7:20am EST)... get up and watch Sachin slamming South African bowlers...

I was still in half sleep, i open "" and saw Sachin pic on the site and it stated, new record in creation, that was it my eyes were wide open.
I huriedly checked scored card, by then Saeed Anwar record of 194 run was history, as it was time to be re-written by India's little Master Blaster "Sachin Tendulkar", he went on and ended up scoring 200 unbeaten by the time India's Inning came to a close....

Just then i remembered those day when i was in Pune and used to watch each match telecasted on TV religiously, my whole family are big fan of cricket. I can literally get into fight for Sachin, and so was my dad ready to get into a fight for Rahul Dravid (He is nicknamed as 'The Wall' the most dependable batsmen in middle order.

Every match in which India used to play, and be what ever be the result by the end i and my dad would have half a dozen argument both proclaiming their own idol as best, and both not ready to stand down :-0

I really miss those arguments and defending for Sachin i had with my dad.

After every fight Mom used to make sure that we have a peaceful ending and the arguments are cricket fight is over by dinner.

I bet today also if i and my dad are to watch cricket match together, we will not end with out an argument.... :-0

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