Saturday, February 14, 2009

One evening walking by the crematory….

To tell the truth I have never walked down a crematory… This happened today 14th Feb what a day for many lover’s to celebrate and be together and the way I spend was totally different….. Worth not spending for a person who will ever be in love….

I was walking to the grocery shop (shop rite) which is just 5 minute walk from my apartment… And on the way I do have to pass a crematory (please, please do not get scared it not a horror movie narration)
As I had all the time on earth I was talking down I was just reading the details which were inscribed on the tomb stone, (like year, name and a line about the loved one)

And for my amazing part most of the inscription was more then 50 years and i was able to find few with more then a century old…. All had one or the another story this they were telling or wanted to tell..
Few were kids teen and some were really old the same I remember was 85yeras (John) and the youngest I saw was Mary (1899-1900),
- One which cough my attention was where in this person has seved in 2 war (WW-11) he was a commissioner for 40 yrs , Mayor for 28 years
- One was of family name ”Flemming” where in most of the family was resting in peace
- Few of them just had their First name engraved
- Few of them did not mention any details
- At couple of spot I did saw Happy birthday card for he loved
By the time, I saw a family arriving to pay respect, A man, women & their teenaged daughter, They walked slowly to the spot, and started removing weeds / dried grass laying around… waited to couple of minute and drove by

And I did saw a father and his teenaged son, I guess their visit was just like mine, passing by, as that Dude was talking some snaps of old and nicely engraved stone which are telling a tale more then a century.

The best which I witness was a felling of free, calmness and peace for what al reason I am not sure… I really do feel some time its way to hard or impossible to express your thought… I felt that I should be visiting just in case I want to divert my thinking process or just to spend some time lonely among many unknown people…

btw.. Happy Valentines Day, I guess you would have spent the day with your loved one…

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