Saturday, February 14, 2009

Before Sunrise ----- Before Sunset

This is a two part movie staring by “Ethan Hawke & Julie Delpy”

The first part was release in 1995 and the second part was release in 2004
This movie follows along a young American Jessie and a French girl Celine,

Before Sunrise – 1995
This start when Jesse is travelling form Budapest to Vienna and Celine is travelling from Budapest to Paris… They happen to sit across each other… and the conversation begins between, their discussion is all about human / feeling / love / emotions… and it just carries on… after couple of hours the train reached Vienna (As he is having a flight back to New York the next day) where Jesse is to get down, but is hate to discontinue their discussion and ends up asking is it possible to her also to get down at Vienna and if she is not interested in the discussion she can board the next train to Paris… And he tells her that he does not have money to stay in a Motel so they will roam whole night and just talk…

Funniest moment: Celine agrees to get down at Vienna, and they do realize that they have not introduced themselves till know….

The movie do have a real good discussion among them on all the above mentioned topics…at midnight they end up sleeping in a public park… and in the morning they are not able to say good bye….

But they do wanted to meet again… so they do decide to meet after 6 months at the same place… but they do believe not in sharing number or address as it might loss the meaning of the relationship they shared…

Before Sunset -- 2004

9 Years has past… and they never happen to meet during this time…
Meantime Jesse (and currently Jesse has married and do have a 4 year old kid) has written a book which narrates their first meet and how they spent their time…. his book is released and do get real nice fame… and for publicity he does visit many cities only in the quest he might meet Celine… and in one of the reading they do meet… And the story do continue they talk about hoe they meet and they again continue the discussion… and this time also Jesse has to travel back and has 6 hours before his flight departs…

So this time will Jesse to able to catch his flight is left for the audience to think over….

p.s. the nice part of the movie is show only 2 unknown people can have such a intense conversation

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