Saturday, January 31, 2009


Okay I happen to watch Luck By Chance (first day show)… sometime I really do like to see the movie on the first day of release as… its to early to give any specific review of the movie… or rather people would not be infused by other biased reviews.

And as far I do rate a movie is really simple…. : ) for me most of the movie are in the category of "Super Hit" and few really do fall in the category of "Super Duper Hit"

LuckByChance: Directed by Zoya Akhtar and acted by Farhan Akhtar ... is a nice movie to watch... this movie do revolves around two struggling actors(Farhan & Konkona).... and the story do continues the movie did made sure that viewer are not getting carried away …

The movie does have few really good Quotes, just to mention few of them
Destiny: Those people do believe in destiny, whom do not have faith or belief in oneself….
Trust: One should start trusting himself… which would help, rather then having Trust in other that thing would get done for you…
Every one has o fight his own battle, The is also supported by Darwin “Survival of the Strongest”

It my favorite Story time:
It is a story of “Moth”, how it start to fight for his survival before it see the first ray of light..
It do have to struggle a lot to break the cocoon (it’s the same shell which do protect it from the start of an embryo)… many a time the Moth do give up trying to break the cocoon, which do result in the death before it do see the first ray of light… And the case where in the Moth is able to break the cocoon, it do start to flap its wings as soon It do break the cocoon..

So this do apply to us, say if we do stop struggling, then we would end up a dark corner… and if we do struggle we would be able to feel and live in the bright and sunny world…

Back to the movie… it do have really good song track…

Cheers my friend,

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