Saturday, June 11, 2011

Brunch: will it be picked in Food Magazine

How should a weekend start….
Most of us would be loving to start our weekend in the cozy comfort bed… tucked under warm layer of comforter, especially when the  weather is all overcast, and the clouds are pick dark, in a dilemma and checking their watches to decide is it time or do they have to wait for some more time….  As the mighty sun was blazing all week long….
I am still looking at the sky…. Just to feel the rain… it reminds me of the time I was in Pune… start June… any weekend it rained we friend would love ride our bikes towards Lonavala (which is a rain catchment area so it just rains heavily). But this time I would rather sit by the window and enjoy the rain with hot sipping cup of coffee.
I wanted to have breakfast, but was lazy what to make, so with my laziness I decided to prepare only Bunch (in a way to avoid any Lunch as well).

When I prepared I thought of preparing it a bit more fancy:
So what you see is ‘Egg-Roll’ on the sides, and in the center I lined up kiwi some strawberry and with some back grapes…. Volla we have a recipe from ‘Best-Brunch’