Saturday, January 16, 2010

Weekend spend with to be year old kiddo...

Some or the other way i never plan any of my weekend, i usually tag along with my friends and follow the lead, doing up anything over the weekend, reason would be not planning myself anything will be as I do not have to think anything and coordinate with all :-0 (However, my role would be say if a plan is decided I end up running email thread and pulling up all and once the flow has began I take backseat and enjoy)
- Be it watching a movie
- Be it roaming around New York for the nth time
- And if still nothing then do grocery at Indian Street
- Plan cooking food (cannot lie on this one, we all in our gang are big time foodies)

This weekend (15-18 Jan) is a long weekend, and on Sunday 17th we had a birthday party of Naya, so till wed that was my plan.... but as said i just flow with the plans made by my friends

So this guys asked me to join then from Friday evening and help them plan for the birthday party on Sunday….
I reached their place by 7:30pm, it took me 20 mins to get friendlier with Naya, and after that I was playing with her whole Fri eve and full Saturday, while she had her Lunch and Dinner I was reading out all kinder garden poems and rhyming I remember my childhood “Ba Ba black sleep” “Bus go round in the town” and so on….

I would say it as one of my best weekend up till know, as I had always enjoyed company of small kids last time I was with a small kid was “Rishi” (Hus parents planned to return back for good, back in April) so I missed playing with him all this time…. This weekend helped me recall all those fun filled weekend I and Rishi used to have..
- Painting all cartoon characters
- Playing Rock, Paper & Scissors
- Name, Place Animal and Thing

Kids help you live your childhood again

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