Monday, January 11, 2010

New Member in our gang....

New Member in our group.... his name is "....." that what we all call him, he is a bit young to party out with us every weekend. Still he managed to have a night out last weekend; it was first time when he got involved in our group.

And as every one know, if a new member join in any group it more fun and trilled and to make him comfortable all buzz around him and make sure he is all discussion so that he feels more part of the club and not as a new comer.

I guess it normal for first timer to be silent throughout the evening, yeah that what happened, even he was silent all evening, assuming he would take his own time to blend in more with our gang. Our usual weekend evening will be chit-chat over movie, wine & dine, and make sure we stay awake as late as we all can...

Oh all this time i forgot to mention the name or more information about our new member, we all call him "Titu" is a nice looking guy, and more important he is 5 week old.

He was a sound sleep through out the evening, I was just around him for most of the time, and I loved when he gripped my little finger in his palm, as when he was about to leave, he woke up and make sure his presence felt for 5 min…. even his crying was sweet :-0 I bet he is going to be a nice musician as his mum sings really nice and his dad plays Guitar..

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