Tuesday, September 29, 2009

U2 Concert

At last Finally i happen to attend U2 concert on 24th @ Giants Stadium.... I am really confused how to start the post and what all should i be mentioning in this post... as i do not want to just lengthen the post :-0

So we (my Friend and his wife) reached the stadium parking lot by 5:30….. we came to now that we are too early (which is not like a true Indian :-0) ….

In US any such event is a full day family event… parking lot do open by 8:00 am and people do Grill have fun listen to music and drink and by the time all would have already reached a trans state (thanks to the drinks)

So we finally reached our seats by 7:30pm… centre stage was really amazing….

The evening started with MUSE, as they entered the stage by 8:00 and started playing nice numbers,,, as this was my first concert I was already fealing the pulsating heavy music…

And by 9:15 U2 (Bono / Edge / Larry / Adam) entered and as soon Larry hit the first beat on drums all (84,000+) people we on their feet… and screaming out load

So for the next 2 hours and 15 mins one after another great songs was played…

Few highlights that I would love to mention:
- They did dedicate a song to all the people who protest and lost their lives post IRAN election
- Then a song was dedicated to “Aung San Syu kyi” (Burmese leader) who is under house arrest for most of the last 20 years, they had more ten hundred volunteers with her mask walking down the stage.
- And a lovely video speech which was given by Desmond Tutu (A South African Nobel laureate) Speech was more asking all human to be ONE and strive to stop all suffering and make this a place a beutiful

When the show was to end… no one from the crowd would have wanted the evening to end….

So finally after the evening i am one of the music follower of U2…

This is the video which is shot with my Phone (sorry for the quality and after 10 seconds in the video you would have to tilt you head one side to view it :( its more like me being armature in shooting a video )

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