Wednesday, September 23, 2009

I joined GYM... best thing to happen to me!!!!

hmmmm.... me what to tell about.... i am a person who has never been to a GYM till this age (28 years and 175 days).....

It was not like i do run away from the concept of being healthy is one of the best gift one can gift himself... i guess (still not sure why) the reason i never happen to join a gym, would be i was not able to convince myself with the idea of going to GYM and doing exercise and try to match up with some one who is busily pumping iron or who had ran across the country on a treadmill :-0

Some background story... my brother is complete opposite to me.... he used to go to gym religiously 6 days a week and pump as much iron he can.... he used to visit a local gym... when i asked him why do you not join a the latest trendy gym which showcases a dozen of treadmill at the entrance… he used to say “Bhai” they do not have large variety of dumbbell’s which will motivate me to pump more (he used a 55 pound for his triceps, that roughly the weight which is allowed as a check-in baggage in an International Airlines)

So finally I joined this gym (NYSC) which is just across my office (I have been walking across the same street from last 24 months)
Day1: I was wandering in the GYM as if a kid is visiting to a new play area and he is not sure how to play with them… so I ended up doing swimming

Day2: I guess this is it !!!! I should get a personnel trainer for few days so that he will walk me across and make me comfortable using all the equipments

Day3 : I was introduced to a trainer “Karl Scott” and guess what… he used to be working in IT industries till 6 years back… this helped me a bit in a way as I share the same work background….

Day4: And now Karl made me realize what all I cannot do and what I can do….

So its been roughly a week since I joined… and as of today I do have some sore pain hehehe….. I guess I have to pass through it….

I wish to myself that I am motivated enough and do continue….

I guess i do not end in this way :-0


Anup said...

Keep it up Bhai............and hope someday you would look like the one in the picture hahahahab

Gagandeep Singh said...

I like it!! I myself and doing muscle building these days.. Its aweosme to see fat disappear and musles grow.. Don't leave it bro!

Anish said...

Guys just to have more seriousness I am taking session from a fitness trainer so that he keeps me motivated and make sure I am serious
let see how fr does it goes