Thursday, August 6, 2009

Sketch : III (My fascination is still on

Okay, i am still able to survive after the bug named "sketching" which infected me a month back... at that time i was under influence that... its just another passing fascination... which will run away as day goes by... but its still on.... Hmmm this time... i did try to sketch "Common Man"... yup its the same which came to life first in 1958 by the famous cartoonist RK Laxman....

1. This is the first one which is attempted.... and was successful in my term after couple of attempts and some time... This image reminds me of the add "Keep Walking" (Johnnie Walker)


2. After the first one... i might read many cartoon strips which RK Laxman used to publish in "Times OF India"... This one i liked a lot... it the typical Netagiri wala..

3. This one... while we were coming back to our desk after a coffee break... some paper napkins were left on the "Manish" desk this is what happened :-0

4. Okay the same story, second day.... i ended up with this one... as it was raining earlier in the day... so our "Common Man" has to use umbrella to go for a coffee break.... :-0

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Preeti Shenoy said...

Good you are keeping the artist in you alive!