Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Princess Diana....

The two most adeorable and beutiful person...

Princess Diana….

12 years back one of the most beautiful lady… died in a tragic accident….And today its Princess Diana’s Birthday day… At the time of demise Princess Diana was only 36 years of age… but she had achieved lot more fame and glory in her time….

Criticism and controversy was always around her life and most part of the time after her death also … it is like a magnetic effect, the more popular one become… the person is more prone to be found in between a controversy.... But it would be really not fair if Princess Diana is not remember for the noble and charitable work she used to do… people used to compare her as the next “Mother Teresa”

She used to visit people who are effected severe illness like AIDS and Leprosy, where most people do not get involved in spite associating them to some charitable organization….

In today time still people suffering for severe illness are not accepted in our society, but she can be remember as the first public person who was photographed for touching a person infected with HIV, which started the help understand people that a person infected with HIV do not transmit by mere physical contact.

I guess if Princess Diana was still living she would have been more involved in humanitarian work… and would be celebrating her b’day… long live the memory of late Princess.

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Anup said...

Picture perfect, two of the most adorable women the world have ever seen. The whole world will miss them.