Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Its ShowTime 12 se 3, 3 se 6, 6 se 9 and 9 se 12

Me and movie always go hand in hand…. In my friend circle I am the person who drivers (forces) all to watch a movie….

If any movie “Hindi” do release… I do have to build up the story and spread news among the group and make the news do spread in the group stating the I have heard good review from multiple people…. And this should be one good movie for which we all are been waiting since some time…. as it usual that couple of people do complain after the movie is over that… this one was also the usual masala movie… the second half was a bit length… the songs were okay okay… the particular should not have acted in that way….

And I do have to play the role of listening all the review and comments in such a away that things do fall in such a way that… we all ended up having a good time….

But I would say… btw did you see the trailed of the new movie which I due to be released in couple of weeks… the trailer was impressive…. Was not able to understand the story line in details as the movie seams to be a bit suspense… what say can we think atleast in the back of the mind that why don’t we plan to watch this one….

So you see… watching a movie is all together different then making a group of people ready and convincing to watch the home is all together a different ball game…

So my fight is to make the first person part of my group who wants to watch the movie… so the chain continues and our gang do ends up watching one movie every 3 weeks... (seams like a major achievement)

This time their been a scarcity of movie (mainline Hindi) release… and it been 4 weeks on the taut….

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