Saturday, March 14, 2009

Most horrofying Evening..... :-o

Okay this is a true heart rendering real life story which I had to live on 9th mar.. I wish no one is drawn to this situation… this is true and, not a Fiction narration…

So all light heart should not read this as the written content would be in disturbing in nature….

So if you have dared to read this past… I would suggest take couple of big and long breath…

Okay enough of the drama….

This happen to me this week Monday (9th Mar) which I would remember for some time…Access to Internet is such a addiction while staying in US all alone that just thinking of not having net connection used to get Goosebumps, And my fear turned into really when My net connection was disconnected and I had to buy wireless internet connection and as usual it did not worked on day one….
So when I was back from office I was hanging my head down as the worst had hit (not connection that evening)…. I was running in the house as if you had let loose as hen in a cage( this is a old saying which my mom would have told me many time)That day to kill my boredom I ended up cooking food for me (2 sabji :-0)

Okay this way to much of a drama.. for writing which I should be banned with no Internet connection for a week :-0

Have a great day and week ahead….

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