Thursday, January 19, 2012

Bye Bye Smartphone:

For more then two and half year I have been hooked to Smartphone (to be precise iPhone 3gs).

Initially when I started used iPhonei I felt as if world seamed different to me all of a sudden. I was able to reach out and grab anyone for a E-Talk which erased boundary, I was able to comment on every social network site (I am only registered on Facebook), I was able to respond it any one was on a lookout for me.
I became part of the wired system, not like Neo in Matrix where I was able to travel only via hard-wired telephone cable, for me I was travelling through thin air.

World was relay different, for a moment Newton was wrong it was flat as everyone was happen to be on same horizon.

Using Smartphone will definitely change a person, for me I saw lot of changes happening in me, as a matter of fact you to would realize and will agree on some listed.

-          Start of a day changed from flipping through newspaper to Apps that gave collated all paper headline into one small app, which told me I could arrange which and read those news which pleased me, rather then being feed by the news how editor wanted to align.
-           Talking to friends swapped with chatting them over social medium
-          Starting leaving a life, over internet… what I mean in this… I started to post comments like
‘I had dinner at so and so place’
‘India lost again in test-match but this time they survived 4 days’
‘Here are the pictures from place I visited today’
‘’This is where I am currently’ and so on….
-          Best way of de-stressing the day started with and ended with playing ‘Angry Bird’ ‘SudoKu’ and many more amusing game… which made sure I am hooked to it
-          Sleep that was a leisure during commute transformed in to reading some article or paying some game…

Its been two weeks now, since I am undergoing Smartphone rehabilitation…
I have switched over to a Phone (Not a Smart one)… which would help me only call and send messages…

Changes I am observing in myself since last week:
-          No more clicking on reload all email (just to check and delete junk email)
-          No more location based service, so if I am lost some where I have to ask, where is the nearest ATM or bank (like yesterday I wanted to go to Bank of America branch, was lost and had to ask around), in a way I asked a stranger for direction for the first odd time in last 2 years
-          Sleeping and just Sleeping through the commute.
-          Will not be uploading any picture real-time
-          More over I feel I have logged out from the System, and not being connected to it via my Smart-Phone, and in fact, I am happy.

Few change I see in first 2 weeks…. I hope I am able to survive out in the woods…

p.s. Usually most of the post i submitted were initially drafted on my iphone.... Change is the only Constant.

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