Thursday, June 4, 2009

Chai Time… Good old those days… (Cutting League)

The attached snap is some 3+ years old, and I would admit that the most fun time we used to spend was during our “Chai Time” those were the time when we all used to have tea for at least tea for 3 times in a day which was more fun… it was not like that we all crazy for chai (tea) but its like the time where in we all gang would be together and do chit chat chit chat…

And we all used to have many such gang tea meeting J some time we used to go in to give company to all the sutta group (smokers) I do not smoke but would say was a passive smoker thanks to all my friend in office :-0

The best thing would be the discussion, it mostly was targeted… aaj ka bakra kaun J it its not like any one would be spared for this leg pulling… The most we used to tease was DD (Darshit) who was the healthy Harshad Mehta in our group… he was full time on Stock Market for him (A- Annual Meeting, B- BSE, C - Commodity D – Dividend and so on... and then Roopa who was the leader (big time bhai) most of the time :-0 then Sushma (She was sweet as per her, she is the most innocent person and rest of the world is pagal hai) Pratik (was cosmopolitan Gujju (but I guess a gujju will always be a gujju) Kunal the kwel Dude in our group,..

We used to call the chai time as (cutting league)
(Kunal, Roopa, Smarak(back row), Pratik S(Gujju), Pratik C, Anish(Thats me), Rohini )

Our whole group got disintegrated… all went to different way but I bet every one of us will still have a hearty laugh on the “cutting league” topic

The owrst side of working in US is like the cutting chai do get replaced by “Starbucks coffe” but trust me not for every day… (daam to costly a cappuccino $4 but most is the group which i will miss)

But lately I do see a small group is in formation in our office pantry (couples of Indian do have their coffee break to do all gossip) which is fun and I do enjoy looking at them J
cheers garam chai ki payali… to all my friends..


Pranal Nikumbh said... I always say...always run a god damn spell check...u know na...i hv suffered for 3 yrs wit ur spellings ! ! !

Unknown said...

he is improved 'in' in full paragraph. :)

Anish said...

Are sir kya batoo apko... how much effort it took for me to get rid of "in" for each line that i used to draft..


In this time also, i do live in remembering those good old tapari days, some thing to cherish in life..
(i can still manage to write with "in")